Living in the Stress Free Zone is a must if we are to move through every block and meet the challenges of todays society. Stress in itself is needed. Stress is one of four components that make up our physical form, our body. The other three parts are friction, pressure and tension. Together they make up our DNA and are the building blocks of the infinite Universe.

The good news is that you CAN change your stress tolerance and resilience and one key way to do that is yoga.
This course focuses on simple yogic tools to identify your stress personality, give you clarity and inspiration. We want to awaken our vitality, be able to identify and handle our stress and master relaxation. One of the goals in Kundalini Yoga is to raise our consciousness so that we can enjoy lifes constant changes and challenges. Thus move through lifes challenges with an attitude of gratitude and a deep sense of knowing.

Sophia teaches classes that encourages the students to move beyond their comfort zone and connect with their inner strength, joy and spiritual being. Sophia has been practicing Kundaliniyoga since 1993, which is when she met her teacher Guru Singh in Los Angeles. He continues to be her greatest inspiration. Sophia is based in Stockholm and lead regular weekly yoga classes as well as workshops.

WHEN: 08:30 26 Apr 2019 – 10:00 31 May 2019 (not May 17)


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