A Heart-felt afternoon March 11th 12.00-15.00 @Urban Om
You were born with the right to be happy and at the same time pain is a part of life. What does your inner dialogue look like? The techniques of Kundalini Yoga give you tools to heal inner disappointments, fear and negative patterns and instead find ways to surround yourself with trust, warmth and happiness.

Your heart Center gives life it’s richness, depth and meaning. The heart radiates many different emotions, which are all expressions of love. This is is your whole life’s center. We want to build awareness and vitality to cope with these changing times. The Heart allows us to experience our own vastness and feel our place in the family of all that is. All are welcome, no previous experience needed. Bring a notebook and a bottle of water.
Free Full-ON members
250kr Basic Members
400kr Everybody else
book your spot; contact@urbanom.se


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