Kundalini Rising

14-15th of November we will dive into the treasure box of Kundaliniyoga at Urban Om. I promise a joy-filled, educational, inspiring and practical weekend. Come and join me – all are welcome!

”In yoga a person has to be humble, have the power to merge, and to be spiritually, mentally and physically committed for exalted experiences”.                   YB

You will experience physical, emotional and mental balance. Find tools to increase your intuition, connect to your desires and your own authentic voice. You will gain the understanding of;

• The concept of Kriya. Asana, Mudra and Bandha

• Sadhana – your own personal practice

• Introduction to pranayama and meditation. Sound & Mantra

• Humanology

Price: You can either book your spot for a single workshop, or book all 5 workshops. Individual workshops: 2000 kr each (Urban Retreat lower price of 1200 kr) or 1800 kr each (Urban Retreat 1080 kr) for Year Card Members. Read more about YFL here